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00:08:31 Create A New Contact In Lizzy CRM In this video we cover how to create a new contact inside of the Lizzy CRM system. There are a lot ... Recorded: 2012-06-05
00:05:07 Locating Contacts In Lizzy CRM In this video we cover not only how to locate contacts but some of the more advanced features availa... Recorded: 2012-06-05
00:13:59 Logging A Call In Lizzy CRM In this video we cover the processes involving logging and tracking call information in Lizzy's CRM ... Recorded: 2012-06-01
00:09:17 Logging Support Call and Creating Tickets in Lizzy's CRM In this video we're stepping through a typical support call in Lizzy CRM and showing how we log the ... Recorded: 2012-06-01
00:05:58 Reviewing Correspondence In Lizzy CRM In this video we cover how to review all of the correspondence that we've logged in other videos and... Recorded: 2012-06-04
00:09:21 How To Sell A Part In Lizzy's Business Management System Lizzy starts off with a fully functional CRM system but you'll quickly see a lot more available as w... Recorded: 2012-06-04
00:06:28 How To Create A Service Ticket In Lizzy With Lizzy's Service Department module you can run any service oriented business as well as track yo... Recorded: 2012-06-04
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