One of the great features of Lizzy is the way in which it captures time sheet records through the integrated Time Clock as well as allows quick and easy recording of times for things such as phone, email, tickets, service tickets and so on.  Because the system is recording everything that a user does while logged in, she can give that data back to managers in a streamlined accurate report without a lot of extra effort.

A developer logs in, clicks the time clock to quickly start his clock for today, selects PDM to view his/her tickets and selects one to being work on it.  They click a Start Time button to being and when they’re done they stop their time.

Managers can then run reports to view user productivity as well as to review their knowledge of the scheduled time tickets should have been done in.  This allows for easily tweaking information and review of how those tweaks perform overall without a lot of extra work.

The ability for each of your users to keep up with their own productivity is also a very powerful training and review aid.