While working on tickets in the PDM system, Lizzy allows you to enter Release Notes on the tickets at any time. Here at nizeX, we enter the release notes after the tickets have passed through the testing phase and been completed by the Testers. This allows the Product Manager to review everything that has taken place on the ticket and to compile the most complete release note for review by our customers (you).

Not only does Lizzy allow you to write up release notes and easily compile them into a final pdf formatted file that can be attached to your website or emailed out to you customers, but she also allows you to designate some of them as Internal only which allows you to share information with your employees but not with the customers in a public release. This allows fixes or additions that were done specifically for one customer that most customers are really not concerned with to be easily eliminated from the public release but still be shared with anyone needing to know. Remember though that Lizzy Always shares the final testing and completion with the customers involved so that they know the item has been fixed.

You also have the ability to tell Lizzy to share key points of the process with the customers through email such as when a new ticket is created, when notes are added, when its been sent to testing and/or when its been signed off in testing and will be in the next release that goes out.

Lizzy makes managing your product data as simple as possible with no duplicate effort on anyone’s part.