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Lizzy Modules Lizzy Complete 
Petty Cash
Serialized Units
Integrated Calendar
Integrated Email
Warranty Claims
Serialized Sales
Cash Drawer
Price Per User $125*
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Monthly Fee $125.00/month

We offer tiered discounts based on the number of users you have. Please contact us for additional information on group rates or enter
the number of users you need and get a live quote here.

* Lizzy Complete requires $2500 set-up fee per store or location(includes database set-up, first month’s access, and data conversion).

Training options are available here.

Understanding Concurrent User Pricing

A question we get a lot is about our pricing model. Concurrent users is defined as the number of users logged in to the system simultaneously. This means you only pay for what you use.

For instance: let’s say your business has 10 employees. But only 2 of them would need to be logged in to Lizzy simultaneously. Then you would only pay for two users. All 10 employees can have logins if you wish, but only 2 of them would be able to login to Lizzy at the same time. And it can be any 2. You can control this depending on your needs.

Multi-Store & Multi-Location fees

Multi-Store = SEPARATE business entities (have separate financial records & separate EINs) that have separate Lizzy databases. Lizzy monthly fees are billed separately per business;  user counts cannot be combined amongst the businesses for a reduced rate.

Multi-Location = ONE business entity with different physical locations (one federal EIN, one database is created with options to see each location, one set of books, balance sheet shows whole business). Flat $100/per month fee, no matter how many locations there are. User counts are combined & there is one single bill.