Lizzy doesn’t just have a purchasing module. It has the ability to keep track of expenses, sublet, serialized and parts orders. Items you sell on an invoice that you don’t have or that have met their minimum value are automatically added to the purchase order and tracked all the way through shipping or hand delivering them to each and every customer. The purchase orders have the ability to electronically record themselves with vendors where supported and as with everything else in Lizzy, tightly integrate with everything around it.

Paying a purchase order works with checking, credit cards, credit, debit cards or ACH. Even refinancing orders is handled by Lizzy. She can deal with back orders, shipments, special orders for customers, directly ship orders, multiple locations and even ordering items where you might order from more than one supplier.

Lizzy keeps track of financed major units where you still owe the vendor and alerts you to those specific units so insure that they get paid off as quickly as possible. It integrates with Accounts Receivable to deal with Rebates, Warranty Credits, Holdbacks and anything else that you have to track.

Each purchase order maintains full detail of everything that has taken place to allow for easy review and integrates all the way back to the invoice for ordering major units that you have already sold and making sure they are delivered back to the correct invoice.

The purchasing module in Lizzy is the center piece for managing all of your parts and serialized inventory within the system.