Petty Cash as you’d expect is a pretty simple module within Lizzy, but an important one none the less. Just like everything else in Lizzy though, its tightly integrated with all of the other modules. So when you move money from deposits to petty cash or when you take money out of the checking account to place in petty cash, it all knows where it came from and how it should act on the books.

Probably the nicest things about using Lizzy for a business system is that you have a real time view of your company at all times. There is no end of money posting or extra work to do because Lizzy is taking care of business like a loyal employee 24/7. You just pay a bill, move the money and your books are instantly handled and ready to show on any report you wish to run.

Lizzy’s Petty Cash module might be a small one but its important to bringing all of the company functions under one roof and to insure that everything is recorded and accounted for.