Lizzy tracks each individual item that moves through your company in every detail.  It can tell you how many times you’ve received sold or used each item.  It can tell you to the penny how much you paid for the item each time you bought it and how much you sold each item for when you sold it.  It even knows when a customer brings an item back for a refund, exactly which one they walked out the door with so that it brings the item back into inventory at the exact same cost that you sold it out for.

To say Lizzy can track each item is an understatement and taking a look at your Inventory section will show why.  Detailed costing, the ability to track inventory that is stored in multiple bins or even in multiple warehouses, tracking it internally between parts, service and major unit sales, the list goes on.  If you want to know anything at all about a part, all you need to do is ask Lizzy, she knows.