Email is one of those things that is probably the hardest to keep track of and manage.  Primarily because each employee has their own computer with their own email program running and those emails are not directly related to the individual customers that are stored in another application probably on another server some where.  Sure there are modules you can plug in to try to let you share the information between programs but we all know how well those perform and all of the problems they introduce into the system.

With Lizzy we took a different approach.  We decided that instead of taking the risk of loosing emails, having correspondence taking place that isn’t recorded in the main CRM application and not having access to our emails unless we had certain software and operating system constraints in place, we decided that the best solution would be to integrate an email client directly into the application.

What this allows is the ability to check and send email directly in the application.  It allows ALL emails coming in or out to be directly linked with the customers involved and it allows sharing and review of those emails with all employees responsible for supporting that company/customer.  No more trying to make sure our interface works or making sure employees remember to click a link to upload an email.  Every email in or out is recorded and linked up to make sure that no conversation is lost and that everyone in the company is aware of what is going on at a glance.

We have enough data flowing back and forth as it is, why not let Lizzy help organize and store it and let you keep focused on the real problems.