Lizzy comes with the ability to import and create contact records within its CRM system. One of the things that separates Lizzy’s CRM offering from our competitors though is that it contains within the CRM system, tightly integrated modules for other aspects of the process.

For example, anyone can manage phone numbers of your contacts and businesses, but Lizzy easily and seamlessly builds all of the relationships to allow you to remember who each customer is and how they relate to other customers. What employees work at that company and how many of your reps have talked to them and when.

Lizzy has built in ticketing which allows you to build off of a call specific ticket items that are like sticky notes to remind you and other representatives of things that need to be done throughout the day for each customer. It also keeps these tickets related to the customer’s record forever to allow you to research any current or old problem at a glance.

Lizzy relates your emails, phone calls and tickets all together to enable streamlined research and tracking of any issue and any customer.

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