Lizzy’s Customer Relationship Management module is unlike anything else on the market. Part of this comes from it being tightly integrated into a complete business system. Part of it comes from the fact that we actually use every aspect of Lizzy to run nizeX, Inc. and as a result it causes us to make decisions based on real world business needs instead of on the latest market research and what we think people might like to hear or see.

When you get right down to it, we write Lizzy to better run a company that demands this type of functionality and then we sell that program to others that might do similar things. These processes have placed Lizzy in a very unique situation with respect to not only the market but to other companies offering similar solutions.

Adding to that the fact that we work very closely with our customers in order to continue to improve the solution and make sure it works perfectly in every industry its placed, makes Lizzy one of the most powerful CRM systems on the market.