Lizzy comes with a complete checking account but its not just any checking account. Yes, you can write checks, you can pay bills, you can make deposits and reconcile the account(s). You can even setup recurring bills to help keep things managed and rolling along. The reason its not just any ordinary checking system though is because it is tightly integrated with all of the other modules within Lizzy.

So when you pay a purchase order and tell Lizzy to write a check or pay with a credit card, those payments are not only made but are linked directly to the check. It knows exactly what it was used for in a way that allows it to undo what it did if you void it. If you make a deposit from the deposit module, it knows all of the invoice payments and AR payments that were used to make that deposit, and voiding the deposit will put them all back into the deposit module as if nothing happened.

The level of integration between all of Lizzy’s modules is pretty impressive when you see them in action. Checking is just the beginning. Oh, and did we mention that it handles payroll and ACH transactions as well?

Checking includes:

Direct Deposits
Multiple Accounts
Credit Card Tracking
Recurring Bills
Reconciling Accounts