nizeX, Inc. has been producing leading software products in a number of different industries for over 17 years.  Like most other companies we cut our teeth on a Windows product that ended up becoming one of the leading products in Powersports and Lawn & Garden as a complete business system.  This system included everything from managing customers to complete inventory control and accounting.

Along the way, as with most software companies, we had to manage very large projects, customer support, sales as well as core knowledge groups that needed to be constantly tweaked and shared between our employees and our customers.  We also had multiple offices located across the country that required seamless integration between them in order to keep our projects and upgrades on schedule and within budget.

Around 8 years ago we decided that trying to do this with an application that needed to run on each machine was next to impossible to keep managed.  We needed something more seamless that could stretch out across the country but still be capable of managing all of the information we needed to keep track of.  This is when the project for our Product Data Management System started.

Once we had proven that using the web was the way to go, we started to migrate other portions of our Windows application over to our new web product and over the years have ended up with THE leading product in a number of different Industries.  “Lizzy” has also opened up the world to us with respect to who can benefit from its services and has also allowed us to do things that we could never pull off in earlier products.

Because we have to manage so much data coming from both internal process as well as those of our customers, we’ve built “Lizzy” to be as flexible as possible and to work in a way that it eliminates processes instead of creating them.  Most systems once implemented cause your employees and staff to have to do extra work in order to deal with the new system.  We treat “Lizzy” like an employee and therefore go the extra mile to make her work for us instead of against us.  The end result has produced a system unlike anything else on the market today.

We are very excited about our product and her future as we are committed to listening to our customers, striving to improve Lizzy’s capabilities everyday.

We look forward to putting Lizzy to work for you and supporting your business management software needs.

–the nizeX team