Gaining Access to Zebra Label Printers and Cash Drawers

Gaining Access to Zebra Label Printers and Cash Drawers

In May 2018 the Lizzy team released a new local service that runs on your computers in order to gain access to your cash drawers and Zebra printers.  This service should be installed on each local computer that has a cash drawer or printer attached to it.  The new local service will replace the need for JAVA being installed at all.

In this document we will be going through how to setup and install this new service along with some things you need to know.  There is also a training video here if you prefer visual instruction.

Let’s get started!

1) Download the compressed package by clicking the following link.  Select Save and place it on your Desktop.



Note: If you are running an older version of Windows, such as Windows 7 32 bit, please choose LizzyServices386.


2) Now double click on the file and unzip it.  It should create a new folder called LizzyServices on your hard drive.  Once there, double click on it to open the folder.


3) Read below on setting up the cash drawer to determine which COM port it is running on (normally it would be COM1).  Once you have this, you will need to right click and select edit on the file that reads: “open.bat”



4) Next we’re going to click on the COM1 and change it to whatever you set the cash drawer on. If it was COM1, then you can skip this step.




5) Save the file and close it.


6) Next we’re going to double click on the LizzyServices.exe file and run it.  This will open a block box and present a few sentences explaining what it is.  Do not close this window, just minimize it and leave it running.


Next Steps:

When you ran the program the first time, it created some encryption keys. Because these services only run on your local network and have zero access to the Lizzy system, we’re not really that concerned about the keys. We just need them in order for Lizzy to have access to the hardware.

The issue though is that the browsers don’t like these types of encryption keys. They prefer the ones you have to pay a couple hundred dollars a year for and as a result are going to display a scary warning. Whether you’re using Chrome or Firefox, we’re going to skip past these errors and tell the browser we’re ok accessing the service anyway. So let’s see how we’re going to do that.

1) Go to Settings -> Invoicing -> Computer Names. We need to enter all of the computer names you’re using and we’re not really concerned if they are the real computer names or ones you want to call them. (Take a look at the video here to view the process.)

2) Once you have the computers setup with their names and have added access to each computer on your network, you should be able to start opening the cash drawer and printing barcode labels from systems without having to install JAVA or without having to install older versions of Firefox or Chrome.